• so so good!! I was full…but kept eating more. its the kind of cookie that tastes so good you don’t want to swallow. you can’t go wrong with these cookies!!



  • The white-chocolate macadamia cookies, they were hard to put down and hide. They are definitely a cure for the common munchies.


    Matthew Barnett

  • Coming to Schmackary’s has become a ritual whenever I go to NYC. In all the times I’ve been there, I have found EVERY person to be incredibly kind and outgoing. I can tel …


  • I am a TOTAL sweet tooth – cookies, cakes … just SUGAR! I must say that Schmackary’s cookies are GENIUS! The Schmack Snack is a totally creative – and YUMMY – spin on t …

    Casey Daigle

  • My first time to try Schmackary’s and I am a fan.
    The cookies and cream are off the hook filled with GOODNESS!!!


    Robert Y.

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