• You have not fully understood the potential of cookie until you’ve had a Schmack Snack. Ask for the bacon chocolate chip Schmack Snack. soooooooo goooooooood!



  • Now, I’m not one to normally go online and comment on these types of things but OH MY GOSH- these cookies are SO DAMN TASTY! I’m also not normally a bacon fan, bu …


  • These cookies are so delicious that I just ordered 8 dozen today. I thought I was a cookie expert–I am not the expert, Zach’s the expert. I just about wet myself the fir …

    Don Nickolson

  • To be honest, I am not a cookie person or should I say wasn’t a cookie person till I had Schmackary’s. I was on vacation in NYC from Los Angeles and was introduced to the …

    Jorge Usatorres

  • Schmackary’s cookies were delicious. The shipping was a bit long due to a FedEx problem but even when the cookies arrived they were chewy and “lip-schmackin’ good!” I wil …


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