• Can you say AMAZING!!! I can and will! These are by far the best cookies ever! The Shmack Snack is my favorite; combining the form and texture of a muffin and the taste o …

    Scott Straw

  • I’ve had Schmackary’s. Now any time I eat a Chips Ahoy, I cry.



  • The white-chocolate macadamia cookies, they were hard to put down and hide. They are definitely a cure for the common munchies.


    Matthew Barnett

  • Absolutely delicious! My son Zachary and I enjoyed five flavors. He especially liked the maple bacon…I loved the oatmeal. Definitely worth the walk and the money! T …


  • It’s absolutely fascinating to see how quickly the name “Schmackary’s” spreads by word of mouth via the theatre community. I had been told for months from several …


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