• Yes – even Supermodels eat Schmackary’s – they are THAT good! In fact, I think I even lose weight eating them!? This recipe is simply D to the LICIOUS…order your Schmac …

    Ronnie Kroell

  • so so good!! I was full…but kept eating more. its the kind of cookie that tastes so good you don’t want to swallow. you can’t go wrong with these cookies!!



  • Schmackary’s are one of a kind! It’s refreshing to see a baker offering such new and fresh baking combinations for such a resonable price. And they fit any occasion. You …


  • My sister and I were on vacation and we walked in completely by accident–we read about 5 Napkin Burger online and saw Schmackary’s on the way out. It was so good that we …


  • Now, I’m not one to normally go online and comment on these types of things but OH MY GOSH- these cookies are SO DAMN TASTY! I’m also not normally a bacon fan, bu …


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