• I live for Schmack-Snacks. Seriously though! Who thought making a cookie denser could make it taste so amazing. <3 I can’t wait to have more.


    Stevie NYC

  • BEST cookies in New York ! Fresh, consistent in flavor, and excellent ordering options. For my 50th this summer it`s all cookies and cupcakes. Looking forward more stores …

    Scott Jason Miller

  • the red velvet cookie is amazing.. red velvet cupcakes have some serious competition



  • Look…I like to eat and I try to do good by the temple…but sometimes being bad can taste so good! I like food that tastes good and is good for you and when I’m gonna c …

    JC Alvarez

  • Coming from a cookie enthusiast (snob, really), Schmackary’s has perfected the art of cookie making, bar none. The creativity, skill and love in each bite leaves these li …


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