• I heard about you you guys at the YFC golf outing yesterday. I loved your story so much that 2 ladies and I just had to come to your store for a package. We tried the …


  • You have not fully understood the potential of cookie until you’ve had a Schmack Snack. Ask for the bacon chocolate chip Schmack Snack. soooooooo goooooooood!



  • Heard about you guys from the Phantom of the Opera cast, so we just had to stop by and try them when we came to NY to see Phantom yesterday. I was hoping you would ha …


  • The flavors are really inventive and complex. I’m surprised every time. It’s dessert perfected



  • Awesome cookies! The wife and I were introduced to them by a relative that lives in NYC, and they really are amazing. Even though we order them shipped to where we live – …

    Nick T

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