Who is Schmackary?

How did a small town kid from Nebraska end up becoming the cookie king of New York?

Zachary “Schmackary” Schmahl is a born cookie monster. After trying every cookie he could find from the heartland to the big apple, Zach wanted to create something different. Why stop at Chocolate Chip? He saw so many more flavor opportunities for cookies and yet no one was doing it. With that thought in mind, Schmackary’s was born. First, out of his 400 square foot apartment and then just one year later to his first brick and mortar home at 45th street & 9th avenue in the heart of NYC’s theatre district.

What is Schmackary’s?

So whether you are a seasoned cookie monster or just in the mood for a sweet treat, come experience Schmackary’s for yourself and find the best, most original cookies New York City has to offer.

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story on Zach?
Click here to watch his talk on TEDxBroadway!
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