Frequently Schmacked Questions

How far in advance should I place my order?

Orders placed before 12PM EST can generally be ready the same day. However, for orders over five dozen we do need at least 24 hours to prepare your order. Please call us at 646-801-9866 or email for questions about large same-day orders

Can I phone or e-mail an order for pickup?

Yes! While we do have an online ordering system, we also take orders by phone or email 

Do you accept call-ahead orders for same-day pickup?

We are usually able to accommodate same-day orders placed before 12PM EST. Please call us at 646-801-9866 and we will be able to confirm whether your order is possible for same-day pickup. For orders less than three dozen Old-Fashioned size cookies, it is possible to walk in and purchase.

Does Schmackary’s deliver?

Schmackary’s does deliver cookies within Manhattan. To find out if you are eligible for delivery please view our delivery policies 

What is the earliest time I can have my cookies delivered?

We begin cookie delivery at 10AM every day. If you need a delivery before 10AM, please call us at least one day in advance at 646-801-9866 to discuss the possibility of an early delivery.

Can I have my cookies shipped to me?

 Schmackary’s currently ships nationwide.  To place a shipping order please visit our online store 

When will my order ship? When will it arrive?

Orders received before 12PM EST may be shipped the day they are received Monday-Wednesday, depending on your location. For detailed information on our shipping policies and estimates on when your package will arrive please see our shipping policies

During busy times and the holiday season orders may not ship out same day or within the parameters listed above. If you have a question about the earliest date you can receive your order please email

Do you ship frosted cookies?

We do ship frosted cookies! However, we are not able to ship our Sch’mores cookies at this time. 

Can I include a message or gift note with my cookies?

Customers may add a 150-character gift note to their order free of charge. We reserve the right not to print a gift note that is deemed inappropriate, profane, or offensive by our staff.

My order didn’t arrive on time!

Schmackary’s cannot guarantee shipping or arrival dates once the cookies leave the shop. If you need cookies to arrive on a set date, please allot enough time to account for shipping and place your order early. For all questions and concerns about orders please call the store or email us

Can I cancel or change my order?

We begin processing orders as we receive them. For this reason, returns, refunds, modifications, or cancellations are not allowed on any shipping order. To change a local delivery or pick up order please call the store and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Does Schmackary’s cater for weddings, baby showers, and other events?

Schmackary’s is glad to cater for your upcoming event. We have free consultations for weddings and other large special events. Please email  to set up an order or appointment. 

Does Schmackary’s offer custom decorated cookies?

Schmackary’s does limited custom decoration. We are able to accommodate color schemes and block graphics but do not make cut-out cookies or cookies in shapes. Please contact us if you have custom designs in mind and we will do our best to accommodate.

How many cookies do you recommend per person?

We recommend one to two Old-Fashioned size cookies per person and two to three Schmall cookies per person. For more information, please see our catering menu or email us 

Are charitable donations available from Schmackary’s?

Schmackary’s supports numerous community groups and charitable organizations. For more information, please visit our community page. To request a donation, please contact us 

Am I able to request a flavor that is not on the menu at the time of my order?

We are only able to offer selections within our seasonal menu for orders. We do make exceptions for large catering orders- please call the store at 646-801-9866 or email for further information.

What cookie flavors are available at Schmackary’s?

All our flavors can be found on our menu. Flavors vary from season to season, so be sure to check our menu if you are looking for a specific flavor. 

What ingredients do you use to prepare Schmackary’s cookies?

Schmackary’s cookies and treats are made with high quality, natural (preservative-free) ingredients. We make our cookies with the same ingredients your grandmother would use in her kitchen. For detailed ingredient information for any of our cookies please contact us

Do you have nutritional facts available for your products?

We do not have nutritional or calorie information available at this time for our products. We are glad to send you a list of ingredients in each of our products. Please contact us for more information.

Do your cookies only come in one size?

Schmackary’s cookies come in two sizes- Old Fashioned (the size available in the store) and Schmalls (smaller two-bite cookies). We also have Schmack Snacks, our deep-dish cookies, available in some flavors by special order. 

Am I able to order Schmalls in any flavor I want?

Schmalls are available in all flavors on our menu for the month. 

Do you make cookie cakes?

No, Schmackary’s does not make cookie cakes.

Does Schmackary’s offer any gluten free, vegan, or sugar / dairy free treats?

Schmackary’s does offer gluten free cookies and treats. We have at least one gluten free cookie and our gluten-free Schmackaroons every day in stores. For more information on our gluten free flavors please see our menu.

We have one vegan cookie and are working on more vegan options to debut in the new year. We do not currently have any sugar free treats.

How long do your cookies stay fresh?

Schmackary’s cookies and treats are made with all natural (preservative-free) ingredients, so we suggest you enjoy them on their day of purchase if possible. If you are able to resist, cookies will last for about five days. 

How big are your cookies?

Our Old-Fashioned cookies are about three inches in diameter. Our Schmall cookies are two-bite cookies (about the size of a silver dollar). 

Do your treats contain trans-fats?

Schmackary’s cookies do not contain any trans-fats. 

Can those with nut allergies and / or other food allergies eat Schmackary’s cookies and treats?

Schmackary’s offers many nut-free and gluten-free cookies and treats. However, we do bake with flour, dairy, peanuts, walnuts, and other tree nuts in our kitchen, so Schmackary’s is not recommended for customers with severe allergies to those ingredients. 

Are Schmackary’s products Kosher?

No, at this time Schmackary’s products are not Kosher.

How are your cookies packaged?

Cookies that are ordered for local delivery or in-store pick up are packaged in our take-out boxes in the store or on platters. All schmall orders are packaged on platters unless otherwise requested. For shipping orders, cookies and treats are individually sealed and sent in shipping boxes. 

How do I store my cookies?

We suggest you wrap your cookies in plastic wrap if you plan to save them for a few days. Cookies can also be frozen and kept, however we find this method does make our cookies less moist once they are defrosted. 

Where do you get your coffee / milk?

We source our coffee and milk from local vendors. Our coffee and espresso is from Kobrick’s Coffee and our milk is Hudson Valley Fresh Milk.

Can customers suggest new cookie flavors?

Customers are welcome to suggest new flavors! Please shoot us an email or contact us via social media with new ideas. 

Do Schmackary’s cookies come in custom shapes and designs?

Schmackary’s does limited custom decoration. We are able to accommodate color schemes and block graphics but do not make cut-out cookies or cookies in shapes. Please contact us if you have custom designs in mind and we will do our best to accommodate.

Where is Schmackary’s located? What is Schmackary’s phone number? What is Schmackary’s email address?

Schmackary’s is located at 362 West 45th Street on the corner of 45th Street and 9th Avenue. During business hours we can be reached at 646-801-YUMM (9866). For questions or to provide feedback about our products or services we can be emailed at

What are Schmackary’s hours of operation?

Schmackary’s is open 7 days a week. Sunday through Tuesday we are open from 8am-11pm; Wednesday through Saturday we are open from 8am-midnight.  For more information about our store, please visit Hours and Locations

Does Schmackary’s have seating?

Schmackary’s has a limited number of seats (14-16) available for customers who want to sit and enjoy their treats or Kobrick’s coffee. We are able to serve all treats and coffee beverages for here or to go.

Does Schmackary’s have wi-fi?

Complimentary wi-fi is available to our patrons. Details can be found on your purchase receipt. 

Does Schmackary’s only bake cookies?

While we serve a large number of cookies at Schmackary’s, we also serve a variety of other treats. Between 8am-11am we have our breakfast menu available including croissants, yogurt parfaits with fresh fruit and homemade granola, and cinnamon rolls. In our daily menu we also serve Schmackaroons, Brownies, Kitchen Sink Bars, and more. More information on our menu

Is Schmackary’s open on holidays?

Schmackary’s is open on all holidays except Christmas Day. If we have modified hours they will be posted at the store, on our website, and on our social media sites. 

Do you have gift cards?

Yes- gift cards can be purchased online or in person at our store. Gift cards can be used to make purchases both online and in-store. 

Are there employment opportunities at Schmackary’s?

Schmackary’s is always looking to hire dedicated hard working people with a passion for customer service and high-quality baked goods. For more information about current opportunities please visit our employment page.

Does Schmackary’s offer discounts and rewards?

We always try to reward our loyal customers by giving you more for less. Our prices are specially designed to give discounts to customers who buy larger quantities of cookies per visit. We also have a loyalty program through Belly offering rewards including free cookies and drinks, baking lessons, and a create-your-own flavor option to frequent customers. 

Does Schmackary’s have merchandise for sale?

Schmackary’s has coffee mugs, tumblers, tins, t-shirts, baseball shirts (as worn by our team), and Schmackary’s Kobrick’s coffee and espresso available for purchase both in store and online 

Who is Potato?

Potato, the French Bulldog, is Schmackary’s official mascot. She can be seen on our storefront mural, website and social media, and sometimes in the store! Potato and Zach are working on a recipe for Puppy Schmacks, which will debut by the end of the year!

What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase or service at Schmackary’s, please contact us either by email or phone and let us know how we can improve your experience.

When will Schmackary’s be in my town? Can I franchise?

Schmackary’s does not have franchising available, however we are quickly growing. We hope to open a shop in a town or city near you very soon! Vote for the next Schmackary’s location!

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