• Now, I’m not one to normally go online and comment on these types of things but OH MY GOSH- these cookies are SO DAMN TASTY! I’m also not normally a bacon fan, bu …


  • It’s absolutely fascinating to see how quickly the name “Schmackary’s” spreads by word of mouth via the theatre community. I had been told for months from several …


  • ZOMG i cannot get enough of these cookies! i discovered Schmackary’s a while ago — the Red Velvet is my favorite. When my order was delivered, they were still warm!! the …


  • These cookies are so delicious that I just ordered 8 dozen today. I thought I was a cookie expert–I am not the expert, Zach’s the expert. I just about wet myself the fir …

    Don Nickolson

  • My first time to try Schmackary’s and I am a fan.
    The cookies and cream are off the hook filled with GOODNESS!!!


    Robert Y.

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