• the red velvet cookie is amazing.. red velvet cupcakes have some serious competition



  • My friends and I were in the mood for a sweet snack and we came across Schmackary’s by chance. I had the key lime cookie. I don’t normally like key lime anything, …


  • Awesome cookies! The wife and I were introduced to them by a relative that lives in NYC, and they really are amazing. Even though we order them shipped to where we live – …

    Nick T

  • I ordered the variety pack for my birthday and every single cookie was beyond delicious! They were so good I ordered some Schmack Snacks which somehow were even better!

    Deanna Markoff

  • Coming from a cookie enthusiast (snob, really), Schmackary’s has perfected the art of cookie making, bar none. The creativity, skill and love in each bite leaves these li …


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