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Only Cookies in the Building

Death Rattle Dazzle

Limited Time Only!

Try the infamous Death Rattle Velvet 4-pack


Choose wisely…

Eat the wrong cookie and you may end up like Ben Glenroy.


Drop Dead Delicious

Limited Time Only!

Try the Ben Glenroy Fan Favorite 4-Pack


Classic Chocolate Chip
Cookies & Cream
Death Rattle Velvet


Half Dozen Gift Boxes

Baker's Choice

Let our Cookiologists take the guesswork
out of choosing the perfect 6-pack!
A perfectly curated box is on the way!

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Oh So Classic

Far from average, forever a classic.
Packed with gourmet chocolate chunks
and a hint of coarse sea salt.


Fan Favorites

Try 6 of Our Best Selling Flavors!
Classic Chocolate Chip
Cookies & Cream


At the end of the rainbow... you'll always find cookies!

Best Sellers


Our fan favorite got a new outfit for Wicked’s 20th Anniversary!

Butter, Sugar, Flour…
Plus mountains of sprinkles.
Topped with our famous frosting.

The Classic

Far from average, forever a classic,
Packed with gourmet chocolate chunks
and a hint of coarse sea salt.

Cookies & SCREAM

Cookies & Cream has gone GREEN for Wicked’s 20th Anniversary!

Black cocoa, Oreo cookie crumbs,
white chocolate & vanilla frosting.
An instant fan favorite.

Build Your Own Dozen

I Put A Spell On You

Just a bunch of Hocus Pocus loaded with
cocoa, semisweet chocolate and topped
with our fudgey chocolate frosting and
a special Sanderson Sister sprinkle blend!

Red Velvet

Rich and Velvety. Stuffed with
semisweet and white chocolate.
Finished with silky vanilla frosting.

Oatmeal Scotchie

This combination of oats, creamy
butterscotch, vanilla and a pinch of
cinnamon is practically perfection.

Rosemary's Baby

A soft & creamy lemon cookie with
a delicious blend of white chocolate,
pine nuts and fresh rosemary.

Cookie Butter Bliss

Cookie butter straight from the jar and
into a chewy delight with notes of warm
cinnamon. You’ll never believe its vegan!

Pick of the Patch


pumpkin / toffee bits / butterscotch / caramel / streusel topping

Cereal Killer

Fruity Pebbles, Fruit Loops, Cornflakes
and loads of marshmallowy goodness.
Part of this complete dessert.

The Candy Bar

A sinfully rich chocolate base packed
with Snickers, Butterfinger, toffee bits,
Reese’s Pieces & salted caramel!

The Monster Mash

This Frankencookie is a graveyard smash
of oats, peanut butter, M&Ms and
semisweet chocolate chunks.

Mystery Cookie

We select a random cookie to fill out your flight.

A Schmackary's Original - The 5-Tier Cookie Cake

Classically Classic Cookie Cake

Oh So Classic!
5 Layers of our famous Classic Chocolate Chip cookies filled and topped in vanilla cream cheese frosting.
It gets the Cookie Monster seal of approval!!


Funfetti Cookie Cake

Our best selling Funfetti cookie is now a 5-tier Cookie Cake!
If you love a frosted sugar cookie, this cake will NOT disappoint!


Cookies & Cream Cookie Cake

Oreos don’t hold a candle to this bad boy!
5 layers of Cookies & Cream cookies, filled with oreos and white chocolate. Covered and layered with our signature frosting and rolled in more Oreo crumbs.


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