Schmackary’s 3-Year Anniversary

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Our little store is turning 3!!! And to celebrate, we are holding a New York City-wide scavenger hunt.

The winner(s) of this epic adventure will win a $500 Schmackary’s gift card!!! If you are a super fan of Schmackary’s, now is the time to cash in on your cookie obsession. So grab a friend (or five) and compete with your other Schmack-aletes to win the grand prize.

TO ENTER: Sorry, the last day for entries was May 10th!

RULES: Meet at Schmackary’s AT noon. All teams will leave at the same time and the team with the lowest finish time wins (time bonuses will be available)! You can only take public transportation and your own feet to get from place to place (no bikes, cars or rollerblades allowed – you might want to get an unlimited metro card). No purchase is necessary to compete. Groups of up to 6 are welcome, but you must stay together – And split the grand prize amongst yourselves.


Best of luck everyone! Happy hunting!!

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