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Due to a large influx of orders and working with a limited staff, your cookies may take a bit longer to bake. Please be patient.



The Classic

semi-sweet chocolate / sea salt


sugar cookie base / rainbow sprinkles / vanilla cream cheese frosting

Red Velvet

deep red cocoa / semi-sweet chocolate / white chocolate / cream cheese frosting


Show Stopper Box

We Select 36 Old Fashioned or 75 Schmalls of Broadway's Favorite Cookies!

Daily Dozen

We Select 12 Old Fashioned or 25 Schmall Mystery Cookies to send your way.

Gotta Be Gluten Free

Yogi Bare / Lemon Poppy / Sweet Corn / Green Tea

Cookies & Cream

dark cocoa / white chocolate / oreo bits / vanilla cream cheese frosting

Maple Bacon

candied bacon / maple syrup / toffee bits / sea salt

The Hummingbird

oats / pineapple / coconut / banana / toasted pecans / southern cream cheese frosting

Mystery Cookie

We select a mystery cookie to fill out your flight.

The Hangover

potato chips / walnuts / semi-sweet chocolate / white chocolate / butterscotch / m&ms / raisins / coconut / cinnamon / oats

Dulce de Leche

caramel fudge / dulce de leche / caramel bites / cinnamon

Peanut Butter Cup

peanut butter / semi-sweet chocolate / roasted peanuts / sea salt

The Peanut Gallery

peanuts / peanut butter / peanut butter chips

Sweet Corn

corn flour / cornmeal / sweet corn / cranberries / pecan bits

Choconut Chip

semi-sweet chocolate / sweetened coconut / walnuts / sea salt

Carrot Cake

shredded carrots / sweetened coconut / walnuts / raisins / cinnamon / cream cheese frosting

Lucky Charmed

sugar / marshmallows / vanilla / marshmallow frosting

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